Ways Fantasy Books Make Readers More Creative

By definition, fantasy is a genre of fiction. The stories are often inspired by folklore or real-world myth that use supernatural phenomena in the plot. Across the world, many book lovers always choose to have a fantasy book on their reading list for a good reason. This genre can offer so many things, including an escape from the dullness of the real world. It can also make them more productive while being entertained, such as making readers more creative.

It can be a bold claim to say that fantasy books can make readers be more creative and can change someone’s life. But there are so many factors that links to this reasoning that affect the reasons why. This blog will bring you some of them. Read through and learn some of the best ways the fantasy genre makes readers creative:

Gives Readers a Chance to Step in Other’s Shoes 

Like any other book, fantasy books give readers a chance to live other people’s lives, helping them develop their empathetic side. Once a reader becomes more connected with a character in the story, it allows them to glimpse their thoughts, motives, and feelings. Being more empathetic allows people to grasp better and understand someone’s life other than theirs. If one experiences this, they will get another outlook about the world rather than having one, giving them more opportunities. As others would say, being empathetic is the one-way ticket to being good at solving real-world problems.

Takes Readers to Great Adventures 

M.A. Haddad’s book, The Shadow of the Staff: A Wizard’s Revenge, is a great book that proves how far a book can take its readers. This book contains a unique tale, allowing readers to immerse themselves into adventures full of exciting quests. Reading books like M.A Haddad’s can stimulate curiosity, which opens the mind to new possibilities. On that point, it encouragies new mental avenues that can be used in real-life scenarios.

Encourages Pleasurable Trance

As humans, we all need our periods of disengagement. Why? Because the brain cannot simply operate all the time, it needs rest. This is one of the most overlooked matters, leading to serious complications, such as insomnia. People tend not to get well-rested at night because of overthinking reality. Reading fantasy literature can help with this. It can help a person steer away from thinking too much. It has been known to put the brain into a pleasurable trance, which can actually be better than other methods, like meditation. If you become an avid reader, you can sleep better and have lower chances of depression because you are not overworking. Getting the right amount of rest assures one to have peak functionality, which can surely help a person be more creative during times they need to be.

Allows Readers to Think Outside of the Box

One of the essential skills a person can have is the capability to think outside the box. Thinking beyond surface-level can make one stand out among others, which makes it an important factor that contributes to being creative. Fantasy books are amazing proofs of how much authors can extend their ideas and thoughts beyond superficial layers or beyond what human senses reach. Having something that helps a person dig deeper and discover the answers to their questions encourages readers to be creative with their decision.

Helps in Slowing Down Mental Decline 

We all know that hearing a good story can stick more information to the brain than just getting pieces of details. As one strand of creativity, one needs to have a great memory. One of the best ways to get this benefit is getting a book with substantial content in its story. Compared to non-readers, avid readers are known to have a 32% lower chance of getting mental decline in the future. Plus, if you must know, having a lower rate of mental decline show fewer characteristics of Alzheimer’s disease.

Provides Broad Vocabulary

We all desire to express ourselves better to connect with others. Thankfully, reading can help us with this. Reading provides readers with a broader vocabulary than they already have. Reading every single day will give you a chance to learn a new words. That is why it is highly recommended to read daily, even for at least half an hour. 






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