1.     “Man does not learn from his mistakes and therefore is destined to repeat them.”

2.     “Straight into the fire, Master Brew, straight into the fire.”

3.     “There he stood watched as the remaining forces prepared for the advance of Maloneous…”

The Shadow of the Staff

A Wizard’s Revenge

The Shadow of The Staff, A Wizard’s Revenge is only the first book in a series of novels based on the adventures of the peoples of Hatu. Currently, the second volume, The Shadow of the Staff, Tomorrow is Just a Day Away, is progressing for release as early as spring of 2021.

The second volume will follow the further adventures of Burton Brew, of Myopia, as he moves forward with old and new friends, allies and enemies. He will continue to develop his unusual powers which will once again find him in situations that require him to use his wits and fighting abilities to protect those who rely on him the most.

The Shadow of the Staff, Tomorrow is Just a Day Away promises to provide more intrigue and excitement in the fantasy world of Hatu with personal sacrifices and victories culminating in unforeseen complications for all the races of this magical land.

Who will survive and who will perish is the question that will be answered by tomorrow for Burton and the free peoples of Hatu.

ReadersMagnet Review

“The Shadow of the Staff: A Wizard’s Revenge” by critically-acclaimed author Mark Haddad is a mystical tale of sorcery, grandiose adventure, eons-old lineages, self-discovery, and the never-ending shift between peace and war among the races of the ancient magical realm of Hatu. It explores the adventures of Burton Brewthe Myopian – the last Brew descendant to have carried the Great Staff of Power, as he and his comrades find themselves in a precarious predicament that’s part of something much bigger than they ever could have imagined – a realm-threatening force that transcends time and lineage with a vengeful bloodlust for retribution. Published by Vantage Press in 2011, M.A. Haddad’s “The Shadow of the Staff: A Wizard’s Revenge” is a masterful and worthy addition to the fantasy genre.

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